Sailing Instruction

A delivery skipper needs to know that when he is off watch the boat is left in the hands of someone suitably competent. It is therefore vital that the crew on board harness their abilities rapidly and this depends on efficient and effective hands on instruction delivered in real life scenarios. Delivery Skippers for their own peace of mind are extremely driven to engage their crew in priority first boat operation and handling. This means that crew learn only what is vital to sailing a vessel from one
place to another safely and timeously in as short a time possible.


Tailored To Suite The Client’S Needs


With us theoretical instruction will be given alongside practical engagement so that you will understand the how and why of what you are presently doing.

Lessons are informal, relaxed and sincere. A maximum of 3 students will be taught at any one time. The boat will be your classroom. Lessons will not run on consecutive days according to fixed course dates, but can be scheduled to suite the availability of the student and instructor. You can opt for as many lessons as you like. We teach everyone from complete beginners to rusty old sea dogs looking to brush up their skills.

Our lessons are fun, productive and can be tailored to suite the client’s needs. For those looking to begin a career in yachting, we can offer you some very coveted information on how to go about becoming suitably qualified without spending a great deal of money.

Learn on our boat: Moored at the Royal Cape Yacht Club, we have a well-equipped, newly refurbished 32ft Sadler. She is a responsive boat, easy to manoeuvre and simple to sail. Learn on your own boat: Don’t just learn how to sail, learn how to sail, manage, operate and maintain your own boat. Have the skipper come out to you and teach you in a familiar environment.


“I employed Jason to give me sailing lessons and have his explicit and patient instruction to thank for passing my Coastal Skippers.” (Dirk van Aarde, Engineer at Bureau Veritas).