Why Choose Us To Deliver Your Boat?

Gypsy Yacht Deliveries employs only the most experienced, qualified and competent skippers available, and with whom we have entrusted for many years to deliver to the high standard of seamanship, boat care, maintenance and professionalism we are known for.


We Deliver Anywhere, Any Time


Our Captains enjoy constant support
throughout the journey

When at sea, the skipper of your boat will have the full and constant support of a very experienced office based yacht delivery captain who maintains a daily vigil on the weather and communicates with the boats via satellite phone. Their position and status is given to us at least 3 times a week and relayed to the boat owner for his peace of mind. The Office Admiral assist where possible with preparations, and departure formalities and provides his skippers and crew with all the information they need: visa requirements, technical support, services and facilities offered at ports en route, and assists with the coordination of repairs if necessary.


Extreme care is taken to protect and maintain boats under our command

We are fastidious in the maintenance and upkeep of our vessels. Extreme care is taken to protect newly built vessels, by covering all working surfaces and paying close attention to possible chaffing, rust, corrosion and general wear. Upon arrival at their destinations the vessels are meticulously cleaned and polished and handed over in the best possible condition. As for used boats, we tend to tackle jobs on board as we go, and therefore they usually arrive in better condition than we found them in.


Other reasons to choose us

  • Very affordable – We quote in our South African currency, therefore able to deliver excellent service at cheaper rates than American and European equivalents. We charge only $1.50 – $2.50 per mile.
  • Our Captains enjoy 24/7 office support throughout the journey and constant weather monitoring.
  • Only highly experienced, competent Skippers with a vast all round skill set and a minimum 120 000nm logged are employed.
  • Extreme care is taken to protect and maintain the vessels in our care.
  • Our Skippers are long standing friends and family and are accountable to the company by upholding the high standard of service that is expected of them.
  • Thorough pre-departure inspections, bringing maintenance, repair, or structural issues to light.
  • Skippers can be employed to undergo repairs or refitting before departure.
  • Status and position updates of boats provided by ground support to owners.
  • Proven track record – Can supply owners with Testimonials and references of our many happy clients.
  • Boat Owners have on-going, lifetime access to our support, advice and knowledge!

How does it work?

You send an enquiry and we send a quote. If you are happy with it we will request more information about your boat and answer any questions you may have. An agreement will then be sent to you. On acceptance of the terms you will be required to make a 50% deposit before the vessel departs. The Skipper will then find his trusty First Mate and secure a crew member and begin preparations for departure.

Upon arrival at the vessel the Skipper will inspect the vessel top to bottom, bow to stern to ensure she is in a sufficient state of repair and carries the necessary equipment and spares for the intended voyage. Any equipment lacking may be purchased by the Skipper on your behalf, and may also be supplemented by our own stores in order to save you money.

Your boat will be allocated a certain number of free days for the preparation leading up to departure, and this will depend on the length of the voyage. During this period the Skipper and Crew will do any necessary work on board the boat at no extra charge, provided it is within his capabilities. The skipper and crew, at a minimal additional fee, may be employed beyond this period to complete any necessary work still remaining.

The crew clear out and depart. Throughout the voyage the Skipper will provide updates to our shore team who in turn will keep the crew updated with weather forecasts and provide general assistance.

Upon arrival at their destination the crew will clear the vessel in, and then begin a thorough clean of the boat. You may then inspect the boat and she will be handed over to your care. Any receipts for refundable expenses will be presented to you, and the balance of the delivery fee will be calculated and an invoice will be sent. We shake hands and bid farewell to you!